As a member-owned co-operative, it is critical that we continue to evolve our credit union to accommodate the needs of our membership in a rapidly changing business environment.

Please keep in mind that although the strategy and plans are in the beginning phase, we wanted to provide this information to our staff and members in the early days to be transparent around our future strategy and goals.

After extensive research and decisioning along with our Board of Directors, Mainstreet has decided to:

Re-locate our Brigden branch to the community of Petrolia. We know many of our Brigden members live in or near Petrolia and will welcome this news; however, we know for many, after 65+ years in Brigden, it is a difficult transition.

We decided on the town of Petrolia because of current and future growth potential, many of our Brigden branch members call Petrolia home, diverse demographics, new housing developments, as well as being a town that does not yet have a credit union.

This decision was not made lightly. We deeply appreciate and thank you for the support of the community of Brigden. We are committed to continuing to invest in you, your financial goals, and providing in-person services in Petrolia or a Mainstreet branch of your choice in the Sarnia area or elsewhere.

We are in the planning phase, and we do not yet have concrete timing for the move of the Brigden branch to Petrolia; however, we wanted to communicate this early in order to be transparent around our plans moving forward. We are currently in the process of seeking out a site or building and outlining the project timeframe, which we will share the details of with our staff and members as soon as it is determined.

We also wanted to share our plans around an extensive renovation of our London Rd. branch/building, with a plan and intention to eventually accommodate all Sarnia advice and administrative staff at London Rd. Once this renovation is fully complete, we would then close our Exmouth Business & Investment Advice Centre.

Most importantly, there is no job loss associated with these changes. Our staff play the most important role in Mainstreet’s growth and success. All Brigden staff can continue at the new Petrolia location, and all Exmouth staff will re-locate to London Rd. If you have questions, please reach out to your branch staff or email

Please also watch your email, Mainstreet’s website, and/or social media, where we are committed to sharing the latest news and announcements on our branch strategy.

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