Apple Airpods

Start investing with Mainstreet for the first time and receive a FREE pair of Apple AirPods*

  1. Meet with a Mainstreet advisor to discuss your financial goals
  2. Open an eligible investment product (1-5 year fixed term deposit, mutual fund, RESP, RRSP, or registered TFSA) by:
    • Depositing, or transferring in, $10,000 or more to your new investment product
    • Setting up a pre-authorized contribution plan of $200 or more per month
  3. Once your qualifications have been confirmed, your AirPods will be sent to your nearest branch and you’ll be notified with pick-up details

Qtrade products do not qualify - see here for Qtrade Cashback Offer

*1 AirPod gift per investor
Limited time offer, while supplies last.
Available only to first-time investors with Mainstreet.

Setting up your appointment

To take advantage of this special offer, choose the appointment type that best describes where you are currently in your financial journey and where you would like to be. Our advisors will create a customized plan to meet your goals.

Join Mainstreet & start investing

This will start you on your path of joining/banking with Mainstreet. We will discuss your current and future goals and discuss the right financial products and services to meet your needs.

Existing member with short-term investment goals

Meet with a Mainstreet Advice Specialist to discuss a plan for your short-term investment and savings needs (saving for a new car, special trip, etc).

Existing member with long-term investment goals

Meet with a Mainstreet Wealth Advisor to discuss your long-term investment and savings goals (retirement, saving for a future home purchase, and financial planning).

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Invested in you.