As a co-operative you have the opportunity as a member of Mainstreet Credit Union to share in and benefit from our profits and joint success each year. It's our way of saying thank you for banking cooperatively with us!

Mainstreet pays profit shares once per year based on the profitability of the credit union and the volume of business you hold during the year. You could get a little or a lot, and the more you bank with us, the more we share with you.

Mainstreet for their 2020 fiscal year is proud to have shared with our 9,300 qualifying members over $338,000 in member-sharing profits!

How can I qualify?

How much will I receive?

For 2020 shares (paid March 4, 2021): Per membership (not household), $0.25 per $1000 in service totals with a minimum profit-share amount of $5 per qualifying member. This year we lowered the minimum balance required which increases the number of members who will be receiving dividends.

Membership Shares - A dividend of .12% on the Membership Shares was distributed for 2020.

Investment Share Dividends - For 2020, the board approved a return of 2.76% for Investment Share dividend holders.

How are they paid?

Your profit-shares are put into your Member Patronage account which you can view your deposit and account balance in online banking or by speaking to your in-branch representative for further information.

They remain in your account but are partially redeemable at 10% per year and fully redeemable if you ever had to leave Mainstreet.

Want to earn more Profit Share?

Want to boost your business with Mainstreet for the potential for a greater share of the profit? Make an appointment today to discuss with your advisor!

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