At Mainstreet we know what sets us apart from other financial providers is the service and advice we provide our members. As a cooperative we operate for you the member-owner. Our structure is without head office sales goals and commissions and in its place is a desire to provide the right financial plan, products and advice for each unique individual that we help.

Starting in 2017 as an organization we invested heavily in advice training. This training was a way to ensure our staff are having the right conversations with members, asking the right questions and getting to heart of each individuals’ life goals and dreams so that the right financial plan can be created together. We want to ensure that our members value the advice and expertise they receive from us and think to reach out and talk to us before big life and financial changes.

Through excellence in advice and service we believe members will choose us first for their financial services and recommend us and our advisors to friends and family so they to can experience banking that is invested in you.

Experience cooperative banking that is
Invested in you.