Personal banking should be just that…personal.

Tired of cookie-cutter banking that doesn’t fit your needs and banks that push you towards products even if it isn’t best for you?

At Mainstreet we take the time to listen and customize your financial plan and products. As a cooperative we are owned by and exist for our member-owners (pssst ...that’s you!) so we aren’t worried about funneling big profits to shareholders and to a head office in Toronto. We exist to serve your needs and guess what, if we have a great year our success is shared with you our owners, and invested in your local community. Dollars and decisions stay local and that is banking that you can feel good about.

With personal banking we have a variety of savings, as well as chequing accounts you can choose from based on how often you do transactions and how you like to bank.

Banking is easy with our many convenient options like our mobile banking app, online banking on tablet or desktop, telephone banking, in-branch services, and a network of over 3500+ ding-free/surcharge-free ATM’s across the country (and more internationally).

As a member you can also count on our free advice and expertise at all the stages of your financial journey ---we are here to help guide you and assist you in realizing your personal dreams.

Experience cooperative banking that is
Invested in you.