Virtual investing provides members with the opportunity to take advantage of the financial benefits of strategic saving and wealth management, without having to meet with an advisor. Our partner, Qtrade, provides 2 easy solutions depending on your wants, needs, and knowledge of investing - Qtrade Guided Portfolios (auto-managed) and Qtrade Direct Investing® (self-managed).

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Qtrade Guided Portfolios®

Our partner, Qtrade Guided Portfolios®, is a fully-automated service that makes your investment decisions for you. Fill out your questionnaire and receive a professionally managed portfolio that meets your financial needs.
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Qtrade Direct Investing®

Our partner, Qtrade Direct Investing®, is a reliable online brokerage platform that allows you to easily make, follow and manage your investments in one spot. With help from their cutting-edge research, analyst ratings and recommendations, you can make investments that work for you.
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Online brokerage services are offered through Qtrade Direct Investing. Qtrade Direct Investing and Qtrade Guided Portfolios are divisions of Aviso Financial Inc.

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