Mainstreet’s foreign currency services gives you the flexibility to have the funds you need whenever for wherever life takes you.

Mainstreet members, you can order foreign cash and foreign drafts through your branch, either in-person or by telephone, and you will have the option to pick it up at a branch, or have it delivered.

You can order from a selection of over 70 currencies at competitive exchange rates, and your order will be ready within 3 business days.

Ordering Foreign Currency

  • Foreign currency can be ordered by calling a branch number, or visiting a branch in-person
  • When you order the currency, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to pick it up at the branch of your choice or you can have it delivered directly to the address recorded on your account. You can pay for the foreign funds directly from any of your Mainstreet Canadian dollar accounts.

Didn’t spend all your money while you were away? If you wish you can bring back any unspent foreign currency when you return from your trip and we will refund your account at the daily current exchange rate for that currency.

Please note that foreign exchange rates vary throughout the day, depending on market conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign currency is also known as foreign banknotes or drafts and used when customers go on travel to foreign countries.
A foreign cheque is a cheque issued in a foreign currency by a foreign or domestic bank.
  • $10 fee for orders under $250 CDN
  • $10 home delivery fee
  • Branch delivery and pick-up is free
The customer and Member Service Representative (MSR) have several opportunities at the time of placing the order to cancel the transaction. Once the order has been confirmed, it is automatically sent to the vendor, Exchange Bank of Canada (EBC), for processing. The branch can try to contact EBC for cancellations and next steps.
Most orders can be fulfilled within 1-2 business days. Delivery timelines can vary according to location and availability of foreign notes. Expedited shipping is also available.
Deliveries usually occur before 3pm local time. FedEx does not set-up specific delivery times.
EBC is liable when currency notes are shipped to the branch and when a branch ships to EBC. Please refer to the contract for complete details.
Branch staff can check whether an order has been processed by locating the transaction on the web-application. The status will update from “Awaiting on Shipping” to “Shipped”. If more tracking information is required, staff may contact EBC directly.
The courier will be instructed to deliver the package to the address that was entered into the system by the branch staff. If the courier was to make an error and not deliver to the address stated on the package, then EBC should be notified immediately. Once contacted, EBC would then open an investigation with the courier. However, in this instance the customer won’t have to wait until the investigation is completed. EBC would ship a replacement order immediately with overnight delivery.

International Transfers

Are you needing to pay bills overseas for a holiday home or wedding or maybe sending money to friends or family who are overseas? Mainstreet offers International Transfers service as a low-cost foreign exchange solution for members to transfer money internationally any time through our online banking system. With our International Transfers service you get access to live rates and quick delivery (typically within 2 business days for international transfers, next day in North America).

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