Debit Card

Debit Card

The new Mainstreet Debit Mastercard is here!

This is a Debit card, not a credit card. All purchases are made with money you have in your account, and it does not impact your credit score. With your Debit Mastercard you can access funds, book flights and hotels, and pay online and around the world - wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Your Mainstreet Debit Mastercard is equipped with tap/flash which provides convenient and secure access to your accounts at ATM's and Interac© terminals at retailers. At participating retailers, for purchases under $250 you have the option of tapping your card (flash) to pay or inserting your chip and PIN.

Card Activation

Your card must be activated before making any e-commerce (online) or Interac Flash† (tap) transactions. Here's how you can activate your card today:

  • At any of your credit union PIN terminals
  • Perform a transaction at a credit union ATM
  • Complete a purchase by inserting your card and entering your PIN at a merchant location

Security Features

Your online security is important to us! We have an extra level of security in place to further protect your accounts.

When shopping online, your postal code must match what Mainstreet Credit Union has on file for you. You can verify what is on file by signing into your account and checking your contact information in your profile. If your address requires an update, you can make the change and it will update in real-time.

To report your card as lost or stolen or for assistance with other items, please contact your local branch or call us at 1-866-380-8008.

Shopping Online

You can shop online on almost any site that accepts Mastercard!

When checking out, simply choose Debit as your payment method and complete the transaction as normal, being sure your address matches the one on your account.

A list of Canadian participating online retailers can be found online here and is updated periodically.

Account Holds

A temporary hold will be placed on your account for all online, pre-authorized, and international transactions processed with your Debit Mastercard.

Most transactions clear within 24-48 hours. There are a couple of cases where a hold may be placed on your account for up to five days just like it would on a credit card (e.g. car rental and hotel).

Holds for a larger dollar value than your purchase may be placed on your account. For example, when you select “fill” when paying at the gas pump, instead of selecting a specific dollar amount or paying inside.

If you are unsure of any holds on your account, please confirm your available balance by signing into your account online or using the app.

Debit Mastercard for Youth

We cannot disable Mastercard functionality on your Debit Mastercard, but we can lower point of sale and online limits for youth. Please talk to your advisor about this option.

Getting on to online banking

Before logging in with your new debit card, you must ensure it's activated (see instructions above). If you have any old cards "memorized" on your computer, you must delete them first - Learn more here.

Mobile Wallet

Load your Debit Mastercard into your mobile wallet! If you’ve had your card for less than 30 days, you will have to contact your local branch or call us at 1-866-380-8008 to complete the load. Please remember to delete your old member card.

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