With our wire transfers, you can send and receive funds within Canada or internationally quickly and securely. Mainstreet staff are always happy to help you with any specific questions pertaining to sending or receiving funds!

Sending a Wire Transfer

To send a wire transfer, please visit one of our Mainstreet branches or call us. Please fill out the Outgoing Wire Transfer form before visiting your branch or calling a Mainstreet branch to make the process as smooth as possible.


The recipient country may require additional information depending on the wire transfer.

Service Fees for Outgoing Wire Transfers

Mainstreet charges $25 for processing outgoing wire transfers sent to Canada/US, and $50 for anything outside of Canada/US. Note, intermediary banks may deduct service charges prior to the wire transfer arriving at the beneficiary financial institution.

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Receiving a Wire Transfer

To ensure that the bank information provided is accurate when receiving a wire transfer (incoming wire), please check the Incoming Wire Transfer Form. If your wire transfer instructions are incomplete, the funds could be held at intermediary banks for an extended period, or they could be refunded back to the sending bank after having been charged.

To avoid unnecessary fees, delays, or currency conversions, the correct intermediary banks (as listed on the Incoming Wire Transfer Form) must be used.

Canadian Domestic Incoming Wires
Foreign Currency and CAD International Incoming Wires
US Dollar Incoming Wire

We ask that you print these documents and bring them to your local Mainstreet branch or call your local branch to get the information you need.

Service Fees for Incoming Wire Transfers

Before the wire transfer reaches Mainstreet, the sending and intermediary banks may deduct service fees. Mainstreet charges a $15 CAD/USD service fee for processing incoming wire transfers.

Processing for Incoming and Outgoing Wire Transfers

  • It usually takes two to three business days for wire transfers sent within Canada or the United States to be processed.
  • It can take up to five business days for international wires to be completed.
  • If wires are undelivered, a wire trace request must come from the sending institution.

Our Member Experience Centre can assist you with wire transfer instructions or contact your local branch or advisor.

Terminology Chart

Terminology What is it?
Transit & Institution #
  • Used for wires to Canadian financial institutions
  • 5-digit numerical code (transit) plus 3-digit numerical code (institution)
Swift Code
  • Used for wires to financial institutions located outside of Canada and the USA.
  • 8- or 11-digit alphanumeric code
  • Code used to route wires through the swift network
  • International bank account number
  • Standardized format adopted by countries
  • Usually, 20+ digit alphanumeric code
  • 9-digit numerical code (DO NO OMIT THE 0’s)
  • Used for wires to financial institutions in the USA.
  • Used for wires to financial institutions
  • 8- or 11-digit alphanumeric code
Routing #
  • Financial institutions in the following countries require additional information for routing wires:
  • Australia - BSB Code (6 Numerical Digits)
  • India - IFS Code (Format is ABCD1234567)
  • United Kingdom - Sort Code (6 Numerical Digits)

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