2-step verification & online banking password reset are now available for online banking

Banking online means access to all your accounts and so many services anywhere, anytime


  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Send an email money transfer
  • Check your account balance and transaction history
  • Go paperless - view your statements online
  • Print a void cheque to set up pre-authorized payments

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Sending and receiving funds are just a click away. Whether it’s sending travel money to a friend or slipping some grocery funds to your son at university, Interac e-Transfers are a fast, convenient, and secure way to send funds through the trusted Interac® Network to anyone with an email address or mobile phone and a Canadian bank account.

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Interac® Online

Interac® Online is a secure and easy way to use your Mainstreet chequing account to pay for your online purchases. It’s fast, easy and secure. Payments are processed using our secure online banking environment. Your financial data, card numbers and login information are never shared with merchants or other third party.

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2-step verification

2-step verification is being enabled for all Mainstreet members using our online banking or mobile apps to add an additional layer of security to your banking experience.

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Reset your online banking password

All members have the ability to reset their online and mobile app banking password at any time through online banking.

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Create a pre-authorized form or void cheque

It’s easy to set up payroll or pre-authorized payments with our void cheque form. Sign-in to your online banking and follow the steps below to access your printable void cheque.

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Online Banking FAQ

How do I log into my account?

To login you will use your card number (all digits found across the back of your Mainstreet debit card) and your online banking password.

Note: If you will be banking regularly on the same computer - for your convenience, you can select to memorize your login information. Your login will be memorized and you will only be required to input your password.

  • You should not register a card on shared or public computers.
  • Cookies are used to identify registered computers. If you clear your cookies, you will be required to re-add the memorized account.

How do I remove or reset a memorized account?

  • Using the device where you have your login saved, in the login to online banking box on website homepage click the line "manage memorized accounts" and "delete" the old debit card.
  • Login using your new debit card by typing all digits found across the front of your new card.
  • You will enter your existing online banking password in the password box.
  • If you would like you can click the box “memorize this card” - recommended only if you are on a personal computer and would like to not have to type your debit card in the future. Your browser may ask you if you would like to save/memorize your login and password - we recommend you do not select this option.

What are Online Banking alerts and what are they used for?

Sign up for Alerts now through MemberDirect Online Banking and receive important information on your account activities at your fingertips. This free feature allows you to receive notifications about important events that have occurred in your online bank accounts via email, text message or both.

What alerts are available?

  • New payee is added
  • Your online/mobile app banking password has been changed
  • Your online bank account is locked out and/or there was an incorrect response to your security question
  • Online login
  • An INTERAC e-Transfer recipient is added

How do I sign up for alerts?

  1. Login to MemberDirect Online Banking
  2. In upper left hand menu click on “messages and alerts” tab
  3. Go to "manage contacts" and enter your email and/or cell phone
  4. Click on “manage alerts”
  5. Click on the title for each alert you would like to add and click “get started” to setup each individual alert
  6. Read the alerts agreement and click “I accept” to proceed with setup
  7. The final step is the selection of Alerts you want sent to you. Click Alerts under the shortcuts tab on the Member Services page. Select the Alert type (security, activity, balance, payment, all), where you would like it sent (email/text) and the specific accounts you would like the Alerts on. Click submit at the bottom of each account alert setup page.

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