Interac e-Transfers now included* in our personal chequing accounts.

Sending and receiving funds are just a click away. Whether it’s sending travel money to a friend or slipping some grocery funds to your son at university, Interac® e-Transfers are a fast, convenient, and secure way to send funds through the trusted Interac® Network to anyone with an email address or mobile phone and a Canadian bank account.

Send Money: Send money to anyone with an account at a Canadian financial institution via email address or mobile phone number.

Request Money (Enhanced Feature): Request money from a contact through their online banking. When the request is fulfilled, funds are withdrawn immediately, and you will receive a direct deposit into your selected account.

Auto-Deposit (Enhanced Feature): Register your email address with Interac and link it with your Mainstreet account. Anytime you receive an Interac e-Transfer to that email address, the funds are automatically deposited into the linked account without having to log in to online banking or answer a security question.

How to send and receive an e-Transfer

  1. Ensure you know the recipient’s name and email address or mobile phone number.
  2. Log in to your account via Mainstreet online banking or mobile banking using your debit card number and Personal Access Code (PAC).
  3. Go to the Transfers page and select Send INTERAC® e-Transfer from the menu.
  4. Set up your recipient(s) by entering their name and email address on the Add/Delete Recipients page. You can also choose to notify your recipient via text, in which case you would enter their mobile phone number.
  5. Create a security question that only they will know the answer to. If it's a friend, for example, the question might be: "our favorite place for appetizers”.
  6. Once you've set up your profile and recipient(s) select your recipient from the dropdown list on the Send INTERAC® e-Transfer page.
  7. Indicate the amount you'd like to send, and optionally include a Message to the recipient.
  8. Click the Send Transfer button

Note: Your account will be debited the amount you have sent, as well as a service fee once you click Send Transfer.

  1. Funds are immediately debited from your account and the recipient is alerted by email and/or text message that they have received an e-Transfer that they can then deposit into their own account securely using their computer or smartphone and their own financial institutions online banking site.

  1. Click on the link provided in the email or text (to be taken to the Interac® website).
  2. Select the bank/credit union from the available list that you would like to deposit the funds to.
  3. Login to your online account with that bank/credit union.
  4. Provide the answer to the security question.
  5. Accept the transfer.
  6. Typically, the funds will be immediately available; however, allow up to 30 minutes for system processing for the funds to arrive in your account.

Setup Autodeposit

*included within your monthly account transaction limit (Complete & Light accounts)

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