Mya Chatbot

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Who is Mya?

Mya is Mainstreet's Chatbot - a virtual assistant that is available in the chat feature on our website. When you select to use our chatbot (within the chat feature on our website) you can type your question and Mya will search for an answer and respond in the chat box. Mya, Mainstreet's virtual assistant, is available to help you 24/7.

Can Mya help me with my account?

Mya can help with general questions and locating information on our website. For specific inquiries, on your account please reach out to your financial advisor, branch, or a Mainstreet Experience Centre live representative (phone, text, live chat or email) during our hours of operation.

When are live MEC representatives available?

If you'd like to chat with a MEC live representative, you can do so through our live chat, phone*, text and email Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm.

*Note: phone service is available on Saturday's via our branches that are open

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