Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

Refer a friend today and you will both receive $50* cash in your account! If you are now a credit union believer and want your friends and family to also experience banking reinvented, refer them today! For each successful referral, you and the person you referred, will receive $50 cash in your account.

How it works

Just make sure the person you refer mentions YOUR NAME and ADDRESS or PHONE NUMBER during their initial account opening appointment. Book an appointment

Terms And Conditions

This referral offer is open to existing Mainstreet members who refer a new member to Mainstreet Credit Union.

The new member (referee) must provide the name and phone or address of the person who referred them during the account opening process and complete all necessary requirements for opening an account to be eligible.

The Mainstreet Credit Union Refer a Friend Program is on-going with no expiry date.


This offer is available to all Mainstreet Credit Union Members.

For both the Referrer and Referee to earn the incentive the Referee must complete the following actions:

  • Successfully open their first Mainstreet Credit Union Personal, Business, Commercial or Agricultural account (Community & Non-Profit account is not eligible)
  • To be eligible the person being referred must never have had a Mainstreet Credit Union account or membership at any time previously to receive the incentive.
  • Must be youth membership age or older (13 years +)
  • On the day of the account opening, the new account holder must deposit a minimum of $100 into their new account or secure a second Mainstreet qualifying product (mortgage, term deposit, loan, investment funds, or credit card).
  • Accounts are deemed successfully opened when the referee has satisfied the account terms and conditions and the account is without restrictions of any sort.
  • For joint accounts, only the primary account holder will receive the reward and the person who referred.

There is no limit to the amount of referral incentives a Mainstreet member can achieve.

**Mainstreet Credit Union employees, board members, and volunteers are excluded from the referral portion of this offer however the referee can receive the $50 portion if not an immediate family member.

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