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Follow these simple steps to join Mainstreet today:

  1. Book a new member meeting: select a date and time to meet with a Mainstreet advisor and indicate what financial services you are interested in discussing or may be bringing over from another financial provider.
  2. Let us know who referred you.
  3. That's it. Once all the terms and conditions are completed the cash rewards will be deposited to both yours and your referrer's Mainstreet accounts.
Welcome to Mainstreet. We are so happy to have you!

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Earn Referral Dollars

You and the person who referred you could each earn up to $250* in referral rewards.

Chequing Account

$50 Cash


$100 Cash


$50 Cash

Investment Services

$50 Cash

This referral program is open to existing Mainstreet members who refer a new member to Mainstreet Credit Union.

They must be opening a new membership (never been a prior Mainstreet member) and complete one of the following actions:

  • Open a chequing or savings account and either deposit a minimum of $100 in the account (in addition to their membership shares), or set-up a re-occurring pre-authorized debit or credit on their account.
  • Apply and be approved for a Mainstreet mortgage that is a minimum of $50,000 or more (and 2 years or greater in term length)
  • Apply and get approved for a loan of greater than $5,000
  • Start a new investing relationship at Mainstreet of greater than $5,000 in new investments or amount being ported from another investment provider.

For the referrer and referee to qualify for each reward type, the service/product must be opened by the new member and free of any restrictions within 30 days of their membership start date.

The new member (referee) must provide the name and contact info of the member who referred them when booking the appointment and/or during the new member account opening appointment.

The person being referred must never have had a Mainstreet Credit Union account or membership at any time previously to receive the incentive.

Both referrer and referee must be at least 13 years of age to participate.

For joint accounts, only the primary account holder will receive the reward and the person who referred.

There is no limit to the amount of referral incentives a Mainstreet member can achieve and the program is on-going with no expiry date.

Mainstreet Credit Union employees, board members, and volunteers, are excluded from the referral portion of this offer however the referee can receive the referral offers if not an immediate family member.

This program does not apply to brokers and new members coming to Mainstreet through a broker referral.

This offer is not applicable to individuals referring or joining for a community & non-profit account.

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