We can help you afford the home you need for your life today.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, renewing your mortgage, up-sizing or downsizing your home for your current or next life-stage, we can help!

In this competitive market you need a mortgage and financial provider that will give you good advice, a great mortgage-rate, and flexible payment options.

Whatever your mortgage need may be, we have the solution for you.

Mainstreet mortgages can be customized to you and your unique needs.

  • Apply and lock-in a great rate for 90 days! If the rate lowers during that time you automatically get the better rate!
  • Have a Mainstreet advisor available to walk you through all the steps, provide advice, and easy to reach for any of your questions along the way.
  • Mainstreet mortgages have built in flexibility. Switch your variable rate to fixed rate mortgage at any time. Planning to move or make other life changes? Speak to your advisor about porting your mortgage and other available options to fit your needs.
  • Payment flexibility. Maybe you'll go with smaller payments weekly, or the full amount once per month (or something in-between). There are also options for the overall length of time you'll take to pay your mortgage off (amortization period).
  • Choose from a selection of free chequing accounts, with a mortgage, or any combined business at Mainstreet, of over $100,000.
  • Get mortgage-free sooner, and save money, with Mainstreet's generous pre-payment options. Pay up to 20% of the original principal of your mortgage each year and increase your regular payment amount.

Featured Rates

5-year fixed
5-year variable
Brianne & John

We were buying our first house in Chatham and everything went so smooth. Our advisor Joe took care of everything and ahead of schedule. The rate we got was unheard of - we could not be happier! We had lots of questions being first-timers and we would email at night and get a response. Joe was so friendly and really willing to help. It just felt like a one-on-one experience we would not have had elsewhere.

— Brianne & John More Stories

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Mortgage Insurance

For most families the biggest debt and the biggest monthly expense are one and the same thing: the mortgage. Mortgage life insurance, available on all Mainstreet mortgages, helps ensure the security of your family home in the event of loss of life.

Talk to a Mainstreet advisor about adding mortgage insurance to your home.

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