You’ve found your dream home now own it sooner with a great mortgage. A Mainstreet mortgage offers a low mortgage rate and incredible perks like generous pre-payment options, plenty of payment frequency choices, and a *free chequing account.


  • Pay up to 20% of the original principal of your mortgage each year and at any time you want!
  • Double up any of your regular mortgage withdrawals
  • Switch from a variable rate mortgage to a fixed rate at any time
  • Free chequing account
  • Go paperless - view your statements online
  • Budgeting and spending analysis through our signature Personal Financial Management - Free and ready to use!

Featured Rates

5 year variable


5 year fixed


*Rate subject to change on approved credit (O.A.C). Limited time offer.

Own your home sooner

Pay up to 20% of the original principal of your mortgage each year and at any time you want – no waiting for the mortgage anniversary date!

Double up any of your regular mortgage withdrawals (for example- if your normal mortgage payment is $500 you can let us know you want to increase that payment by any amount up to another $500. See how prepayments can really make a difference in owning your home sooner by using our mortgage payment calculator tool).

Flexible payment frequency

You decide when you want to pay your mortgage each month- smaller payments weekly or the full amount once per month- it’s your call.

*Savings tip- choosing weekly or bi-weekly options can save you money over time! Talk to us to learn more!

Rates Change. Life Changes.

If you are in a variable rate mortgage you can decide to switch into a fixed rate product at Mainstreet at any time! If your needs change, you want to move, your family expands and you need more space- talk to us! There are lots of options from blending your existing mortgage into another Mainstreet product, taking advantage of a new mortgage offer, or bringing your existing mortgage with you to your next home- we’ll learn more about your needs and recommend the best approach customized for you.

Free Chequing Account

With a mortgage (or any combined business at Mainstreet of over $100,000) you can receive a Complete, E-ssential, or Light chequing account package monthly for free!

Fill out our quick and easy mortgage contact form and we’ll connect with you to chat further Mortgage Application Form - accordion to open form.

Mortgage Insurance

For most families, farms, and businesses the biggest debt and the biggest monthly expense are one and the same thing: the mortgage. Mortgage life insurance, available on all Mainstreet mortgages, helps ensure the security of your family home in the event of loss of life.

Fixed or Variable Rate?

Don’t worry we can help you in determining which is the right one for you.

Interest Rate

Fixed - Locked in for the full term of the mortgage

Variable - It fluctuates based on the market


Fixed - Set in advance for the term - your payments remain the same

Variable - It fluctuates based on the market

Open or closed mortgage

Can be either - Open mortgages can be paid off at any time. Closed mortgages can usually be paid off prior to maturity but fees apply.

Derek & Andrea

The mortgage experience can be tough as a young couple, Mainstreet was good at making things effortless for us, plus we found a financial advisor who really worked with us on our future plans and helped us move from our starter condo to our dream home.

— Derek & Andrea More Stories

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