With these cash back mortgage offers you receive our 5-year fixed rate mortgage, paired with a free chequing account, plenty of payment flexibility options, profit sharing, and more!

You'll also receive cash at closing for things like:

Cash Bonus

Lock in a mortgage rate of 2.84% on our 5-year fixed mortgage and get a cash gift deposited to your chequing account at closing!

Mortgage Amount Cash Bonus Received
$100,000-$149,999 $500
$150,000-$199,999 $750
$200,000-$249,999 $1,000
$250,000-$300,000 $1,250
$300,000+ $1,500

Cash Back

With this special offer our 5-year fixed mortgage is at 3.84% and you receive 5% of your total mortgage amount in cash at closing.

Calculate how much cash back you will get:

Mortgage Amount
Cash Back


  • Rate and special offer subject to change and on approved credit (O.A.C.)
  • Offer can expire at any time
  • Funds cannot be used for down-payment
  • Not available for mortgages that come to Mainstreet through a mortgage broker
  • Offer cannot be combined with other offers or special rates
  • *Offer is only available for those securing a mortgage with Mainstreet for the first time (new to Mainstreet mortgages)
  • **You will receive 5% of your total mortgage amount in cash back on closing
  • **Minimum amortization length of 10 years or greater required
  • **If the mortgage is paid out prior to maturity, you must re-pay the cash incentive at a pro-rated amount
*applies to Cash Bonus offer only
**applies to Cash Back offer only

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Features of a Mainstreet Mortgage

Mortgage Calculators and Tools

When you are searching for your first home it is important to know how much you can afford to pay each month to align with your lifestyle. We have calculators that can help you determine where to begin.

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We know as a first-time home buyer that you may have questions and want an expert to be there to guide you through the mortgage and home buying process. Our Mainstreet advisors will be there by your side helping you step-by-step in finding the right home and mortgage for you.
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Mortgage Stories

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Brianne & John
We were buying our first house in Chatham and everything went so smooth. Our advisor Joe took care of everything and ahead of schedule. The rate we got was unheard of – we could not be happier! We had lots of questions being first-timers and we would email at night and get a response. Joe was so friendly and really willing to help. It just felt like a one-on-one experience we would not have had elsewhere.
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Chris & Cheryl
Where can you say you got more then you expected? With Mainstreet we received a lower rate then the competitors and we feel we received the best possible service and advice. Our advisor took care of all our finances and recommended a consolidation loan to save us more money. She is always looking for ways to help us out financially and whatever she recommends we do! Because of Mainstreet and her advice we were able to move from the world of renting to owning.
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Daniel & Melanie
Being in our early-20's we weren’t sure if home-ownership would even be possible! When we went to Mainstreet our advisor Sandra took the time to educate us on all there is to know around buying a home and getting a mortgage and we worked to crunch the numbers so we could make the right decision on how much to spend. We also looked at our full financial picture together, from student debt to car payments, to make sure we were making the right financial decisions in other areas.
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Derek & Andrea
The mortgage experience can be tough as a young couple, Mainstreet was good at making things effortless for us, plus we found a financial advisor who really worked with us on our future plans and helped us move from our starter condo to our dream home.
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Stacy & Tricia
We were needing a building loan for our dream home in Goderich. We heard great things about Mainstreet so set-up a meeting with Kim. She took the time to get to know us and the situation and jumped right in. Within 3 days she had fixed everything related to our bank loan situation and the entire process was so much smoother and personalized- we really felt well taken care of. With Mainstreet we feel like they are on our side, saving us money, and taking care of our family’s financial well-being.