The Big Give - Former Winners

Janie Lax Lacrosse Program

Brian and June are the creators of a free lacrosse program for young girls in Sarnia, ON. They volunteer their time several nights a week to run practices and have worked tirelessly to keep this program free to families by having equipment donated by university lacrosse programs.

Brian and June were carrying all the lacrosse equipment in their vehicle to the many nightly practices and this meant they were constantly loading and unloading it in and out of their garage. The Big Give prize of a trailer, and the hitch required to tow it, was a perfect way to invest in the program and make things a little easier for this dynamic volunteering duo!

“Brian and June put so much into the lacrosse program of their own time, energy, and money and it is so good to see these kids growing up with something that wasn’t here before. Brian’s awesome, he’s super passionate about lacrosse and life and girls growing up and having confidence --he’s an amazing guy!”

- Laura, Janie Lax parent

“I nominated coach Brian because he is absolutely outstanding with these girls, he puts his whole heart into this, and he loves every second of it and is constantly thinking of the program and how to make it better and make sure everyone’s involved -- it is an amazing thing he is doing for these girls”

- Tara, Janie Lax parent

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