Top 10 Things to know about Mainstreet Online Banking - Mainstreet Blog

Top 10 Things to know about Mainstreet Online Banking - Mainstreet Blog

By: Jodi Ritzer | Member Experience Supervisor | Chatham

Get the most out of our online banking service with the following top 10 tips and tricks:

1. To be able to see the password you have entered, you can click on the ‘eyeball’ icon on the right side of the Personal Access Code field.

2. To set up a new debit card on your mobile banking app, open the app, click “log in” followed by “log into a different account” in the bottom left and fill in the account details. Be sure to check the remember me box for quicker access to this new log in. You can also delete any existing logins by selecting “manage login profiles” and clicking the trash can beside the account you wish to delete.

3. Did you know that you can deposit a cheque to your account by using our mobile banking app? Simply login to the app, touch Deposit on the home screen and follow the prompts. Note: Your cheque may be held for up to 5 business days after depositing. PRO TIP: write ‘deposited by phone’ and write the date on the back of the cheque so you don’t accidentally try to deposit it again.

4. If you have to pay business taxes (i.e.: current source deductions, corporate income tax, etc.), expand the ‘Payments’ menu and select Pay Business Taxes. You can remit and pay all in one spot!

5. Protect your account! Set-up Alerts so you can monitor your account access! In online banking desktop, click on Messages and Alerts, and select Manage Alerts, and on the Mobile Banking App, swipe left on the home screen and touch Alerts and then touch Manage. You can set alerts so you are notified immediately if someone tries to login to your account, sets up a new e-transfer recipient, sets up a new payee to your bill payments, and more!

6. You can add a new payee to your bill payments listing. Under the Payments heading, select Add/Delete Payees, then select Add Payee. You can search the company by name, or enter the type of business for a list of suggestions.

7. If you need to view account transactions older than 6 months, you can do this by clicking on My Accounts, then selecting View e-Statements. Select the year and month of the statement you wish to view. The information is available for 7 years!

8. Tax Receipts. Are you tired of waiting for your tax receipts to come in the mail? They are available online! Click on My Accounts, then select View e-Documents and select the receipt you want to view and/or print.

9. You can re-name your accounts! Are you saving for a car, a wedding or something else. You can label your accounts so you know which one is which! Click on My Accounts, then Rename Account, select the account you want to Rename, and label it!

10. Downloading your transactions to a bookkeeping program is easy! Go to My Accounts, View Account Activity, select the account you wish to download, then go to Export to… on the right side of your screen and select from the drop-down list of programs.

11. BONUS!!! You can get your account information for direct deposit or pre-authorized debit online! Click on the account for which you wish to get the information, it will then show on the top right side of your screen under the heading Account Details and will include your transit number, institution number and account number!

If you are looking for more helpful tips and tricks, visit a branch or speak with the team at Mainstreet Credit Union. We are here to help!

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