Mainstreet’s 10th Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Sarnia Riding Club (980 Riding Club Lane, Sarnia)

6:00pm - Registration
7:00pm - AGM Starts

To register for Mainstreet’s AGM, please email

Annual General Meeting Agenda

  • Introduction of Board / Election Results
  • Financial Review
  • Report of the Audit Committee
  • Report of the Independent Auditor
  • Appointment of the Auditor
  • Call to Order, Introductions and Announcements
  • Report on Registration and Establishment of Quorum
  • Adoption of the Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes of the Previous Annual Meeting
  • Bylaw Amendment
  • Election Results
  • Report of the Board of Directors
  • Highlights of the Governance Committee
  • Financial Review
  • Report of the Audit Committee
  • Report of the Independent Auditor
  • Appointment of the Auditors
  • CEO Report
  • Meeting Closure

As special business, as noted above, the members of Mainstreet will consider the replacement of its existing bylaws with entirely new bylaws. Significant changes are:

  • New and amended definitions.
  • Content being removed from the bylaws to a Board-approved policy, e.g. qualifications for directors additional to those required by the Act, nomination and election procedure,
  • Greater discretion in the manner of voting at annual general meetings, to permit the Board to deal with circumstances which may require or make preferable a particular manner of voting.
  • Clarification of director term limits, permitting stricter enforcement of those limits.
  • Modernization of the ways in which notice can be given of a membership meeting.
  • Providing that each annual general meeting will consider a report on the gender diversity of the Board.
  • Clarifying the authority for the Credit Union to follow the limits on transfers of its investment shares set out in its offering statements, and to set procedures to be followed in this regard.

Copies of the financial statements and reports of the audit committee and auditor will be available for inspection at the meeting and at the offices of the Credit Union 10 days before the meeting.

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