Standard Term Deposit/GIC

Term deposits (also known as GIC’s), are an excellent product to add to your investment mix. 

At Mainstreet we offer term deposits which allow you to set money aside in savings for as little as 1 year to as long as 5 years - or somewhere in between- depending on your savings goals.

Your deposit is insured up to $250,000 for non-registered term deposit products, with unlimited insurance on our registered products.

Standard Term Deposit/GIC Features:

  • A rate of interest guaranteed for the investment period you have chosen.
  • Term Deposit rates of return are usually higher than a standard savings account.
  • A choice between cashable (open) or non-cashable (locked-in) term products.
  • Interest is calculated on the closing daily balance and may be paid monthly, quarterly, annually, or at maturity depending on the product chosen.

Index Linked Term Deposit

An index-linked term deposit protects your investment from any losses. while offering you the potential to earn higher returns linked to stock market performance.

This investment type is great for investors who want to minimize risk while enjoying the potential for higher-performance returns, as well as diversify their investment portfolio.

Features of Index-linked Term Deposits:

  • Like the safety and security of term deposits, index-linked term deposits guarantee you will not lose the funds you invest; however, unlike other term deposits, there is no guaranteed return on this product. Depending on the performance of the stocks comprising the S&P/TSX 60 Index over the term, it is possible that, at maturity, you the investor will receive only your principal invested amount back.
  • Enjoy the potential for higher returns based on stock market performance
  • No fees
  • Low minimum investment. Start with as little as $1,000.
  • Eligible in different product types: Non-registered, TFSA, RRSP
  • Deposits are 100% guaranteed
  • Non-redeemable prior to maturity
  • Available in 3-year or 5-year term lengths

Tracking Performance of Index Linked Term Deposits – Returns to Date

3 year Index Linked 
5 year Index Linked

*Ask your Mainstreet Financial Advisor for a copy of the current Index Linked Term Sheet which explains all of the required information pertaining to the current series of Index-Linked Investments.

Eligible deposits in all registered accounts with Ontario Credit Unions have unlimited deposit insurance coverage through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)

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