owners standing near their new builds
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backyards of new homes
When we were looking to start our business a lot of local lending institutions in the area weren’t familiar with large-scale residential construction. At Mainstreet, the staff believed in us and were supportive of our business plan. They really took the time to build a relationship with us and understand our vision. Working with a credit union as our financial provider was important to our company. We want the place where we bank to be locally owned as well and contribute to the betterment of our community. We refer a lot of people and potential homeowners to Mainstreet for this reason.

Their Story

Maple City Homes has been growing neighborhoods in Chatham-Kent since 2016.

As a local company the owners, builders and staff of Maple City Homes are from, and live in the area themselves. They are committed to more than just building and selling homes. Ensuring a home is quality built and creating communities where families can thrive and have an excellent life is important to them.

The company builds around 140 homes per year so they can put their time and focus in to each one and offer many house options and floor plans to accommodate different needs and stages of life from young families to one-floor living for those in their later years of life.

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