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It was clear to us right away that Mainstreet wanted us to succeed. They have gone above and beyond to help us over the years in every possible way they could. Mainstreet staff have always had a personal relationship with us and genuinely care about our family and company success. If you are looking for a financial institution that makes you feel relevant in the world of large banks and numbers, Mainstreet is the place you should go.

Their Story

Schinkel’s Legacy is a family-run independent meat processor that has been making high quality deli meats, hotdogs, sausages, and best of all, bacon, for over 25 years.

The Schinkel’s family has been supplying meat to Southwestern Ontario for over 50 years when brothers Herman and Gerry Schinkel started it all by purchasing a butcher shop in Essex. It was the local demand for meat products made using only traditional methods like natural hardwood smoke, as well as products without MSG and gluten free options, that created the need for a separate meat processing facility to be built in 1993 to match demand. Focused on producing high quality products they saw increased customer support, demand and loyalty over the years. Today you can purchase Schinkel’s Legacy products across Ontario in stores from Windsor to Ottawa.

Schinkel’s Legacy is now owned and operated by Kevin and Matt Schinkel, along with partner Jessica Hillman since March of 2020. With their top-notch team, which includes brother and sales manager Thomas Schinkel, they have continued to grow the business while maintaining a focus on high quality meat products.

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