Establish security and peace of mind with insurance for your life, property and income. We can help you do it all wisely and affordably.

Credit Disability Insurance

Credit disability insurance is available on Mainstreet loans and protects you and your family from being unable to make loan payments during a period of disability. 

Credit Life Insurance

Credit life insurance is available on Mainstreet loans and allows you to insure the outstanding balance of a personal loan so that, if you pass away, your loan will not be a burden on your family. 

Mortgage Life Insurance

For most families, farms, and businesses the biggest debt and the biggest monthly expense are one and the same thing: the mortgage.  Mortgage life insurance, available on all Mainstreet mortgages, helps ensure the security of your family home in the event that an insured person dies. 

Travel Insurance

Mainstreet offers affordable and excellent travel health and trip cancellation/interruption insurance policies.  Contact your branch for more information.