Term Deposits

Term Deposits

Term deposits are an excellent product to add to your investment mix for those looking to save money for short to mid-term savings goals. At Mainstreet we have a term deposit product which allows you to set money aside in savings for as little as 1 year to as long as 5 years - or somewhere in between- depending on your savings needs. Your deposit is guaranteed up to $250,000 for non-registered term deposit products, with unlimited insurance on our registered products. Term Deposit rates of return are usually higher than a standard savings account.


  • A high and competitive annual rate of interest guaranteed for the investment period you have chosen.
  • A choice between cashable (open) or non-cashable (locked-in) term products.
  • Interest is calculated on the closing daily balance and may be paid monthly, quarterly, annually, or at maturity depending on the product chosen.

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