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At Mainstreet we offer a variety of mortgage options to get you mortgage free faster. These options are important when shopping for a mortgage because they give you the flexibility to pay less and pay down your mortgage sooner.  At Mainstreet all of our mortgages offer our members a great rate plus flexible options!

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Flexible Prepayment Options:

Pay up to 20% of the original principal of your mortgage each year at any time – no waiting for the mortgage anniversary date!

Increase any of your regularly scheduled payments by up to double.  For example, if your bi-weekly mortgage payment is $500 you can increase that payment by adding up to another $500 on to that payment.

See how payments can really add up by using our mortgage payment calculator tool

Payment Frequency:

Select from weekly, accelerated bi-weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly— the more frequently you contribute to your mortgage— even if it adds up to the same amount you would pay if paying monthly— you can save thousands on interest charges!

Variable or Fixed Rate?

If you are in a variable rate mortgage and are concerned about the markets, you can switch into a fixed rate mortgage at Mainstreet at any time!


Move your home, move your mortgage

Because we know life may throw you an unexpected curve-ball, Mainstreet offers you the flexibility to combine your remaining mortgage term with the new mortgage you will require to avoid unnecessary penalties and surcharges.

The variety of mortgage options and decisions can be new and confusing. At Mainstreet we are here to help and explain everything each step of the way as we support you through this important financial milestone.

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Whether you want to talk things through, receive friendly advice on first-time home buyer mortgages, or get pre-approved for a mortgage so you can look for your new home with confidence, we give you a choice of convenient options to connect with us to get the process started:

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Contact the branch location closest to you by phone and you will be put in touch with your own local representative you will deal with from start to finish

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