ATM Network

As a Mainstreet Credit Union member you can keep more of your money where it belongs; paying no surcharge fees at thousands of credit union and other participating ATMs across Canada.  It's a network that is bigger than most banks and it's all ding free!

Say Goodbye to ATM surcharges

We've all been there.  Standing in front of another financial institution's ATM, just waiting to get dinged by a surcharge fee for accessing our cash, but as a credit union member you have access to a national network of ding free® ATMs from BC to Newfoundland, which means you pay no surcharges at credit union and other participating ATMs across Canada for withdrawals, deposits and balance inquiries.

A surcharge (or convenience fee) is a fee charged by an ATM owner at the time of the transaction and appears on the ATM receipt. It usually ranges from $1 to $3, and comes with a warning screen before the ATM transaction is complete. Surcharges are not the same as transaction or account fees, which would appear on a member’s monthly statement – i.e. when a member exceeds the limits of a package account that comes with a fixed amount of free transactions per month (for example Mainstreet's Complete account includes 25 transactions per month).

How can I find a ding-free ATM?

To find the nearest ding free ATM wherever you are in Canada, download the ding free locator app which is available for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices.

Look for THE EXCHANGE® Network symbol on the ATM machine for surcharge free ATM access.


Use THE EXCHANGE® Network locator tool or app to find surcharge free ATMs in your area.

Travelling to the USA?

US ATM Access

Going south for work or pleasure? Look for the Accel® debit payments network logo at over 500,000 ATMs whenever and wherever you are traveling in the United States.  As a Canadian Exchange cardholder, you can withdraw money from any ATM displaying the Accel logo.You can withdraw surcharge-free from some, but not all US based ATMs .  Deposits are only allowed at EXCHANGE ATMs in Canada, so if you are going to be away for an extended period and need to deposit to your account, plan ahead and talk with your financial institution about other options available to you.
To find an Accel ATM click here

US Accel® Point of Sale Network

Many financial institutions also offer access to the Accel Point of Sale (POS) debit network in the United States. The Accel network is one of the largest POS networks in the United States with more than 3,000,000 merchant locations in the network.
The Accel network in the United States works exactly the same way debit card purchases work at home. Purchases are paid for by swiping or inserting your debit card and verifying the transaction with your confidential PIN. As an added value, a cash back option is also available at the majority of merchants.

College or University Students

Find out where there is an THE EXCHANGE® ATM at your college or university.

Member Card® is a registered certification mark owned by Credit Union Central of Canada and is used under license.

THE EXCHANGE® is a registered trademark licensed for use in Canada by Ficanex Service Limited Partnership.